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I only do 4 and 5 port brakes. If your looking for 3 port brakes you can contact Ross on his page. He only does 3 port brakes. This isn't Ross' website. I made him a page on my website so people could contact him. I can be reached by using the contact page. Nathan.


I added a install page. I will do installs as time permits on barrels only at this time. The barrels will need the 12 o'clock position marked so the brake can be clocked correctly.

I started this site to offer a high quality low price option for ported muzzle brakes but that isn't the only high quality low cost parts that we are going to offer. Shortly we will have precision surface ground tapered recoil lugs.

I have been making various versions of muzzle brakes for 20 years with a good friend of mine, Ross Schuler. We started making brakes with drilled holes like you see on most factory rifles with muzzle brakes. We have made many different version of drilled hole brakes and the ones that worked the best were with very large holes angled back towards the shooter. Ported brakes are very similar to drilled brakes except they don't have a expansion chamber like a drilled brake. Most drilled brakes don't require timing unless they have a portion without holes. Typically the area without holes goes on the bottom to prevent dust from blowing up in the shooters face while shooting prone. Almost every ported brake requires timing in order to get them positioned correctly on the barrel.

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