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Ported Muzzle Brakes

I will be gone next week (7/19-7/26) but will still check my emails. I will have the 5/8x24 2 piece self timing brakes in my hands when I return. Before the end of the month I will have the 3/4x24 2 piece self timing brakes done also. The price will be 85.00 shipped. I'll post pictures of the finished product the last week of the month.

As of now my .875" and 1" 4 port brakes with 1/2x28, 9/16x24, and 5/8x24 are single point threaded in a CNC turning center and then the ports are milled afterwards. The .750" brakes will be done in the next month or so as well. The 1" brakes are actually running about .990" but I still have a few older brakes to make brakes closer to a true 1" if someone needs them. The next run of brakes I do will be with 1 1/8" material and the 1" brakes will be about 1.005" so they can be sanded flush on true 1" barrel diameters. I reduced the port size slightly on the 1" brakes so they can be turned down as small as .900" for a flush fit on MTU, Heavy Varmint, and Heavy Palma type contours. I had to raise the price 2.00 so they are now 47.00 shipped instead of 45.00.



Ported muzzle brakes are the most effective muzzle brake design. They allow massive amounts of gas to escape in the first
port and the remaining gases follow the bullet to escape out the subsequent ports. There are several different designs in ported brakes. The most effective designs have ports that angle back towards the shooter. The design I use was developed by my good friend Ross Schuler after experimenting with many many different designs.

I make 4, and 5 port brakes in 4 different size all in 416 stainless steel. The sizes are .750" (4 port only), .875" (4 port only), 1.00" , and 1.25". All the brakes come with a .240" exit hole so they can be used for any caliber from .22 on up (The exit hole needs to be reamed .015" to .025" over the bullet size). They are also recessed threaded, for pre-threaded barrels such as the Remington AAC that have threads without a relief cut, and 90 degree recessed crowned.

The .750" brakes are available in 1/2" x 28 and 9/16" x 24.
The .875" are available in 1/2" x 28, 9/16" x 24, and 5/8" x 24 threads.
The 1.00" are available in 5/8" x 24, and 3/4" x 24 threads.
The 1.25" are available with 5/8x24 and 3/4" x 24 threads.

I've done other thread sizes in the past so ask if your looking for something not listed.

The 4 port brakes are 45.00 in .750", .875" and 1.00".

The 5 port brakes are 55.00 in 1.00". The 1.25" 5 port brakes are 60.00


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